Bear (taxlady) wrote,

UFO siting

Someone mentioned UFOs and it reminded me of the time I saw a UFO. I was with Neil (my boyfriend in the mid 70s) and another couple on the roof-top sundeck of the high rise apartment building where Neil and I lived. We saw a saucer shaped, blinking object in the sky. "Are we really seeing that?" We were mesmerized and kept a close eye on it as it approached. Eventually, we could hear the engines. It came closer and we read, "Fly Pilgrim Airways" in scrolling text. Much laughter ensued. I think it said Vermont too and there was a phone number. The scrolling text was on the bottom of the wings of a slow flying, propeller airplane.

The next day I heard several people talking about the UFO, that they had seen from the ground. They were convinced it was from outer space, until I explained about the scrolling text. I guess that plane should have been flying a bit lower.
Tags: humour, montreal
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