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11 May
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If you want to send me email, please use the email I list above, not my hotmail email. I don't look at my hotmail account. I only have it because I need it to use MSN. The email in my profile is a "disposable email address". If I get more than the occassional spam to that addy, I will change it - so don't bother keeping it in your address book. If I change it, I'll change it above. If you want to have disposable email addresses, then I recommend Sneakemail or Spamgourmet. Each one has advantages. I use both services.

I'm a self-employed tax preparer, bookkeeper, and Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor.

Here's a link to my TaxDragon (business) calendar even though it only shows if I'm busy. If you want to see it, let me know your Gmail address and I'll add you to my friends.

Here's a link to my photos on Picasa

Since Meetup.com wants money to have a group, we decided to drop it. We still have the meetings and I started a Yahoo group for our pictures, etc.

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Here's something nifty I came across:

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And, since other people put wish lists in their profiles, I finally came up with something:
http://spaceweatherphone.com/. I have lived in Canada for 31 years and in Denmark for five years and I have never seen the Aurora Borealis!. This would alert me when there is an Aurora in my home city, Montreal.

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